Paper cones to wind yarn

Perfect Paper Group LLC. produces paper cones to wind yarn on a yarn-spinner machine, and besides classic paper cones. Characteristics of the cone size can be found on the tables below. At every yarn winding factory the process of winding and swathing differs. We can form and scheme or design our paper cones for each and every activity according to demand and require of the client.

Inaccuracy guaranteed

Our inaccuracy on the length of the cone is ±1.0 mm and the diameter of the ground and the top is ±0.25 mm.

 Perfect ovality or circularity

The form of the textile cones of most of our rivals is slightly mixed. Oval cones will be behind the guiding groove of the winding adapter and whether this will cause break of yarn or deterioration of the machines. Our paper cones are always perfectly round owing to high quality process of drying.